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2013 Middle School Summer Team

2013 Middle School League Champions
2013 Middle School Champions


Championship Game

What a great year! And our Championship game was one for the history books. The final game had every element of a really exciting game:

  • Player skate issue, borrows another kids skates.
  • Player takes puck to the skate and is out, injured for the second period, but comes back to score the game winning shootout goal.
  • Penalty shot.
  • Third period comeback down 4-2.
  • Pull the goalie, and an evntual goal with 23 seconds left to tie the game.
  • Four on four sudden death period.
  • 5 man shootout for the win.

2013 Bedford Middle School Team

2013 Summer Roster

14 Connor Berry 8th 
23 Zack Bayer 8th 
31 Anders Lindberg 8th 
33 Josh Lariviere 8th 
42 Nathan Musgrave 8th 
63 Kyle Greer 8th 
87 Ryan Tobler 8th 
00 Quinn Hutchins 7th 
17 Jared Steinberg 7th 
18 Porter Legro 7th 
40 Zack Berleth 7th 
62 Parker Joyce 7th 
68 Jack Sylvain 7th 
Jared Lariviere 7th 
Lucas Debonville 7th 
71 Emma Wallat 7th 
14 Connor Labreque 6th 
Brian Greer 6th 
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2013 Summer Games

DateTimeEventOpponentLocationGoals ForGoals Against
06/04/2013 6:40pm Game #1 Stars Tri-Town North 
06/25/2013 5:30pm Game #2 Londonderry Tri-Town North 
07/02/2013 5:30pm Game #3 Merrimack Tri-Town North 
07/03/2013 6:20pm Game #4 Lakers Tri-Town North 
07/09/2013 6:40pm Game #5 Goffstown Tri-Town North 
07/10/2013  6:20pm Game #6 Henniker / Derry Tri-Town North 
07/23/2013 5:30pm Game #7 Stars Tri-Town North 
07/30/2013 6:40pm Game #8 Merrimack Tri-Town North 
07/31/2013 6:20pm Game #9 Londonderry Tri-Town North 
08/06/2013 6:40pm Game #10 Goffstown Tri-Town North 
08/14/2013 6:20pm Semi-Final Game Goffstown Tri-Town North 
08/21/2013 4:50 Championship Game Stars Tri-Town North 
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