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Looking for change and better more challenging opportunities, coach Marty Myers and coach Don Palmer created and entered the newly formed New Hampshire Junior Varsity Hockey League (NHJVHL). With familliar D1 stalwarts like Concord, BG, Londonderry, Pinkerton and Hanover, competition would be top notch.

Over the course of 19 games, Bedford's JV Bulldogs, tallied at 15-3-1 record, capping their season with winning the NHJVHL Cup.  The future of Bedford's Hockey aspirations looks to be quite promising with eager, hard-working players willing to put the time and effort into developing their skills.

2018-2019 NHJVHL Champions

2018-2019 Junior Varsity

Captains (Logan Plante, Tim Purcell, Shea Locontoni)

Season standings for NHJVHL