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(Use table above for Bylaws, Events and Meeting minutes)

Administrator for Bedfordhockey.com: https://admin.google.com/

General Board Calendar:

      Kickoff meeting once school starts
          Agenda: Budgets, Program Book, Old Town Day, 
                         Form committees (Spag, Banquet, Senior Night, others)
                         Middle school program (link)
                         Board positions fall: Boys Rep, Girls Rep, MS Rep, Trustee
                         Alumni Game

      Plan for Old Town Day booth
      Plan board meeting for late October
      Marty's spin class
      Contact printers for program book, work out cost, delivery date, etc.
      Start reservation process for banquet
      Get spag supper date 
        First Thurs of Nov usually works, no NHAHA playoff overlap
      Spag supper tickets printed (Marty) for dist in October
      Middle school signups
      Order warmups

      Convert website to the next year
      Send out introductory emails to all current/new players
         Cover tryouts, school reg, concussion testing, facebook, twitter, etc.
         Open store for orders for christmas delivery, close Nov 1st, then order
         At HS introductory meeting Marty hands out Spag supper tickets.
      Plan for Spaghetti Dinner Early October
        Donations (start now, dont wait), plan out staff, etc.   
      Program book meeting with coordinator and Captain parents
      Promote Player Ads for program book, start now, make deadline Mid Nov.
      Get schedule from Marty, put into website
      Promote Spag Supper all month, weekly, FB, Tw, alumni, BCTV, Journal, etc.

     Spaghetti dinner finalizing meeting a day or two before dinner
     Spaghetti dinner happens first Thursday of month
     Post Mortem Spaghetti supper meeting and volunteer thank you meal.
     Board meeting to close any items before playoffs
     Early Nov, emails about alumni game (usually sat after thanksgiving)
     Promote tryouts (end of month)
     Player photos after teams are picked for Program book
       Headshots, Captains, Managers, By Class (see doc: Photo Schedule)
     Close Program Book ads, late Nov. send to printers
     Banquet person or committee should be selected, price venue, etc.

     Update website after tryouts, Boys Varsity/JV, Girls Varsity
     After tryouts, register all players to get emails, phone, text contacts (give to Marty, and Social committee)
     All parent meeting just before Black-White game
        Cover items: Apparel, Gear Bag, Player donation $225, Dress code, Social Media, Photos
     Assign Social Committee parents for all teams.
     Board meeting to fill any positions
     Select Twitter person for each team, give password. 
       Posting guidelines, no taunting or complaints, team and player oriented only.
     Regularly promote games on FB/TW/Insta
     Christmas tournament volunteer coordinator, get volunteers, etc

     Get parent volunteers for 3-6 Pasta Nights during the year
     Plan for Elementary school reading event (Through: AD, Marty)
     Winter Classic?
     Team building event?

    Board meeting to plan for any items.
    Senior Night (conf room, event/food, pictures, video)
    Board meeting for End-Of-Year events, banquet, etc.
    Boys banquet tickets (all sales due before qtr final games start)
    Girls banquet squareup help.

    Playoffs Finals (if we make it)
      Breakfast or Brunch of Champions
    Awards night, announce award recipients and next years captains
    NH Legends of Hockey All-State announcements
    Form thank-you list for Marty at Banquet
    Boys Banquet
    NH Legends of Hockey All-Star Senior game
    NH Legends of Hockey Make a wish team announcement
    Send thank-you with program book to advertisers
    Board meeting, post-mortem year, new officers, etc. (doc: Agenda Example)
    Announce and Make-a-Wish NH/VT all-star players
    Off-season skate in May with Marty (email players, etc.)
    Get list of 8th graders to meet with Marty in May at the school

    Make-a-wish NH/VT All-star game

Some historical background on issues that we have gone over:
  -Scholarships: Political issues usually make this more of an issue than it's worth.
  -Gate fee: School pays for ice and venue, they would need to collect. 
    To many risk items for FoBH to be involved, like not collecting from all attendees, etc.
  -Order warmups so they are ready for first practice, no names printed like years past.
  -Open apprael sales and close so you can guarautee Christmas delivery.
     In years past FOBH used two vendors, we moved to Marty's Vendor 2017
  -Re-open apparel sales after tryouts for small timeframe for those making team.

Other items:
  All-Time Win/Loss record document is here