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Here is our communications schedule:


  Sept 3 - Promote for Old Town day table
  Sept 3 - Promote Middle School signups
  Sept 3 - Promote Gear store opening soon, window for xmas orders
  Sept 27 - Solicit Ads from player parents for Program Book
  Sept 27 - Solicit Ads from player parent businesses
  Sept 27 - Solicit Ads from Alumni
  Sept 27 - Promote Spaghetti Supper donations/gift baskets

  Oct 1 - Convert website to new year
  Oct 1 - Get game schedule from Marty for website
  Oct 1 - Promote Middle School signups
  Oct 15 - Email players/parents to start selling spag tickets
  Oct 15 - BCTV/WBNH Ads
  Oct 15 - Solicit Program book ads
  Sunday nights - Promote Gear store
  Sunday nights - Promote Spaghetti Dinner (weekly)
  Oct 22 - Solicit Program book ads 
  Nov 1 - Promote Spaghetti Supper (Nov 7th) Daily Nov 1-7th
  Nov 1 - Promote Alumni game (solicit "can u attend" answers to website) weekly on Sunday nights
  Nov 1 - Solicit/Email players for Alumni game (emails, etc.)
  Nov 1 - Promote tryouts weekly
  Nov 1 - Solicit Program book ads (TIME IS RUNNING OUT)
  Nov 1 - Email parents about tryout paperwork, etc.
  Nov 15 - Promote thank you for Spag supper
  Nov15 - Solicit Program book ads (FINAL, URGENT)
  Nov 26 - Promote Tryouts

  All - Promote Games for Varsity and JV and Girls
  Dec 1 - Email parents of teams about Parent Meeting (at B/W game)
  Dec 15 - Promote website (New: players, schedule, etc.)
  Dec 20 - Promote program book coming out.
  Dec 10, 23, 24, 25 - Promote Christmas tournament
  Dec 26 - Promote Christmas tournament with in game pics daily.

  All - Promote Games for Varsity and JV and Girls
  Jan 15 - Promote Winter Classic?
  Jan 15 - Promote Throwback jersey night

  All - Promote Games for Varsity and JV and Girls
  Feb 12 - Promote Senior Night
  Feb 15 - Promote Read Across America (W/pics after it happens)
  Feb 26 - Promote Pink in the Rink?

  All - Promote Games for Varsity and JV and Girls
  All - If we make finals/championships, promote for attendance
  All - We do not promote banquet, just emails, maybe pics after banquet
  Mar 1 - Email parents about banquet tickets
  Mar 15 - Email about Banquet

   Send Thank yous to Ad sponsors with copy of program book

   Promote summer HS hockey

  Promote any players that made All-Star game, and game date