Friends of Bedford Hockey

The Friends of Bedford Hockey (FOBH) organization is a non-profit made up by its members to support the growth of hockey in Bedford, New Hampshire.  Our mission is to enhance the development of Bedford students academically, as citizens within the community, and as athletes.  These basic tenets are set forth by the official Team Administrators and Coaches with the full support of the FOBH. FOBH is not for profit, tax exempt New Hampshire corporation established pursuant to 501c (3)


FOBH operates under a set of Bylaws established when it became a 501c(3) corporation. Meetings are held monthly during the season, and maybe once during the summer. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes to make our player support system so successful.  Without volunteers and board members to communicate and form our community, our high standard of player experience is diminished. If you are interested in knowing about how our board operates or would like to come to a meeting, please contact us at


Established October 23, 2013, under the direction of Steve Tempesta, Carol Voloshin, Eric Sylvain, Mike Dee, and Sarah Dee.  FOBH was the culmination of many diverse support operations at the High School and Middle School level.  FOBH prides itself on supporting hockey in our community for boys and girls, in terms of volunteers, fundraising, communication and in cheer.

Current Board Members

  Position        Term    Max

 President         2       2        Alina Bobar

 Vice President    2       2        Open

 Secretary         2       2        Steve McGee

 Treasurer         1       3        Allison Chandonnet

 Trustee (spring)  1       -        Rachel O'Connor

 Boys Rep          1       2        Cara Kaupp

 Girls Rep         1       2        Christy Vigue/Isabelle Grenier

 Middle Sch Rep    1       2        Autumn Haskell

 Trustee(PastPres) 1       -        Kris Scott

Volunteer Supported Items

  End of year player banquet

  Program Book

  Spaghetti Supper


  Social Media

  Senior Night

  Player Meals


  Race Crews (fundraising)

  Sportwear Coordination

  Community Outrerach

  Pink in the Rink

  Winter Classic

FOBH Board Access