Middle School

The Bedford Middle School program started in 2009 with a crew of dedicated players, coaches and parents. The goal was to foster team camaraderie and player enthusiasm for players that would possibly play for high school hockey teams.

The Bedford Middle School program is a self sustaining program that falls under the umbrella of the Friends of Bedford Hockey.

Historically, the middle school program started as part of the MSDHL, and eventually moved to a more local Tri-Town Program. We usually have a winter and a summer program that plays locally at Tri-town arena for one game per week. Teams are usually split into 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade levels.

We strongly urge interested parents to let us know your contact information so we can let you know about our program signups and any volunteer needs. Use this Interest Page link to let us know how we can contact you.


5/6 Winter Team


7/8 Winter Team


7/8 Local Summer Team

James Conner, Evan Maslanka, Riley Proulx, Rylee Page, Brendon Kaupp, Mackenzie Ayou, Alex Bobar, Alexis Morris, Levi Demers, Jake La Croix, Addison Kiley, Ben Hazard, Gavin Szafran, Haley Gagne, Coaches: Chris Lacroix, Joe Demers, Manager: Aliana Bobar



7/8 Local Winter Team

Back row: Zoey Gagne, Ryan O’Connor, Justin Chiras, Brody Cassidy, Harry Dermody, Alex Gordon, Brian Riccio, Ryan Lobdell, Tristan Kerr

Front row: Braden Kiley, Ashley Bergeron, Nick Spencer, Max Sylvain, Brady Proulx, Jaden Ficek, Parker O’Toole, Wyatt Demers , Liam Duclos, Coaches: Kevin O’Connor, Jim Dermody, Kevin Lobdell, Eric Sylvain

5/6 Local Team

Jake LaCroix, Leland Gooden, Haley Gagne, Riley Proulx, Finn LaMarche, Ryan Douglas, Ethan Conn, Levi Demers, Nicholas Lenti, Dylan Riccio, Ben Hazard, Alexis Morris, Brooke Fallon, Tucker Roberto, Brendan Kaupp, Addison Kiley, Brendan Ahn, Alexandra Bobar, Carter Rick, Zack Gilroy, Coaches: Jim LaMarche


7/8 MSDHL Team

Brendan Chrisom, Colin Chrisom, Ethan Christerson, Joe Connor, Jack DesRuisseaux, Hugo Gil, Colton Gooden (G), Cammie Grenier, Nicholas Hadley, Andrew Johnson, Kevin Jones (G), Alexander McDonald, Brett Niland, Jordin Palmer, COlby Pederson, Dalton Roberto

5th Grade Team

Bryce Ahn, Brock Bennett, Nicholas Bishop, Brody Cassidy, Niklas Crift, Zoey Gagne, Alex Gordon, Parker Gupta, Cam Hadley, Conor Hayes, Emily Gosselin, Cameron Morrison, Parker O’Toole, Brady Proulx, Braedyn Sullivan, Logan Venne, Dominik White


6th Grade Team- MSDHL - (2-7-0) Neely West

7th Grade Team- MSDHL (4-4-1) -Bed OReilly East


8th Grade Team- MSDHL (2-5-2) - Bourque West (With Haverhill)

Andrew Douthart, Chase Villeneuve, Conner Langan, James Dillman, Kendall Cassidy, Logan Plante, Shea Guimont, Tim Purcell, Will Scott, Nick Bayer

6/7/8 MDHL (tri-town) Summer League

Conor Burke, Benny Chandonnet(G), Patrick Costa, Marcus Crift, Matthew Desmond, Colton Gooden(G), Zack Griffin, Andrew Johnson, Aiden Kelley, Owen Kelley, Derek Kulesza, Matthew Lapinsky, Ryan Lobdell, Alexander McDonald, Andrew McGee, Finnegan Murphy, Nicolas Pellerin, Brady Plante, Max Sylvain, Brendan Thornton


5th Grade Team - MSDHL (2-5-1) Bergeron East Semi-finalist

Connor Bergeron, Kolton Blaisdell, Cooper Cassidy, Ben Chandonnet, Ethan Christerson, Marcus Crift, Colin Fields, Nicholas Ferrucci, Brent Gordon, Zack Griffin, Connor Guibord, Nicholas Hadley, Jeremy Laurendeau, Maddox Muir, Colby Pederson, Quinn Silvio, Michael Spinazzola, Lauren Thomas, Brendan Thornton, AJ True, Dylan Vigue

6th Grade Team- MSDHL (8-0-1) Neely West Finals Runner-up

Adam Lacroix, Alexander McDonald, Andrew Johnson, Brett Niland, Ethan Larochelle, Jack Dermody, Kevin Jones, Luke Moores, Nick Lacroix, Nicolas Pellerin, Owen Gupta, Derek Greer, Nicholas Fontaine, Aiden Kelley, Owen Kelley, Jordin Palmer

7th Grade Team- MSDHL (3-6-1) OReilly East Div

Aiden Brenner, Andrew Douthart, Brian Greer, Becca Martin, Benjamin Bernard, Connor Langan, Derek Gree, James Dillman, Kendall Cassidy, Logan DeBonville, McKenzie Muir, Nicholas Bayer, Quinlan Kerr, Tim Purcell, William Scott, Shea Guimont, Simon Melhem


5th Grade Team - Record 5/2/1 - Bergeron Division

Conor Burke, Matthew Desmond, Nicholas Fontaine, Eli Gregson, Cooper Guimond, Owen Gupta, Andrew Johnson, Ethan Larochelle, Adam Lacroix, NIck Lacroix, Andrew McGee, Luke Moores, Ryan Murray, Jacob Musgrave, Brett Niland, Daniel O'Connor, Nicolas Pellerin

6/7/8th Grade - Record ?-?-? Summer MSHL (Tri-town)

Conor Burke, Sam Caruso, Logan DeBonville, James Dillman, Andrew Douthart , Shea Guimont, Adam Lacroix, Nick Lacroix, Connor Labrecque, Alexander McDonald, Andrew McGee, Brett Niland, Nicolas Pellerin, Alexander Pfeifer, Jack Polatchek , Tim Purcell, Will Scott, Jack Socha


5th Grade Team Established in MSDHL Bergeron Division

Alexander Lobdell, Andrew Douthart, Benjamin Bernard (G), Brady Burke, Cameron Higham, Connor Langan, Daniel O'Connor, Evan McCuaig, Grady Chretien, James Dillman, Kendall Cassidy, Logan DeBonville, McKenzie Muir (G), Nicholas Bayer, Owen Roberto, Quinlan Kerr, Shea Lucontoni, Thomas Dana (G), Tim Purcell, William Scott

6/7/8th Grade - Record 6-3-0 Summer MSHL (Tri-town) -

MSHL Champions!

Alex Lobdell, Andrew Douthart, Brady Burke, Cameron Wasylak, Casey Hoag, Christopher Gangwer, Connor Labrecque, Emma Wallat, Jack Sylvain, Jake Sanclemente, Jared Lariviere, Keegan Hoag, Logan DeBonville, Lucas DeBonville, Matthew Guzzetta, Porter Legro, Richard Morel, Simon Melhem, Tim Purcell, Tom Dana(G), William Scott

8th grade team -

Zach Berleth, Tom Dana (G), Lucas Debonville, Cade Destefani, Matt Guzetta, Ben Hardy (G), Quinn Hutchins Parker Joyce, Connor Labreque, Jared Lariviere, Porter Legro, Matthew Mirabile, John Natale, Owen Roberto, Parker Roberto, Jake Sanclemente, Jack Sylvain

6/7th grade team -

Benjamin Bernard (G), Aiden Brenner, Brady Burke, Kendall Cassidy, Logan Debonville, Andrew Douthart, Shea Guimont (G), Quinlan Kerr, Connor Labrecque, Connor Langan, Alex Lobdell, Madison Lucontoni, Shea Lucontoni, Becca Martin, Simon Melhem, Mckenzie Muir (G), Tim Purcell, William Scott, Emma Wallat


6/7/8th Grade - Record 8-2-0 - Summer MSHL (Tri-town) -

MSHL Champions!

Zack Bayer, Connor Berry, Anders Lindberg (G), Nathan Musgrave, Kyle Greer , Josh Lariviere, Ryan Tobler, Quinn Hutchins, Jared Steinberg, Porter Legro, Zack Berleth, Parker Joyce, Jack Sylvain, Jared Lariviere, Lucas Debonville, Emma Wallat, Connor Labreque, Brian Greer

8th Grade - Record 9-1-0 - Bourque Div Regular Season Champs

Anders Lindberg (G), Caiden Paradise, Connor Berry, Grant Lavigne, Greg Bourque, Kyle Greer, Matthew Giroux, Nathan Duplessis, Nathan Musgrave, Ryan Douthart, Ryan Lee (G), Silas Palker, Zack Bayer, Keenan Alnahas (G), Quinn Hutchins, Timothy Spencer, Zack Berleth

6/7th Grade - Record 7-3-0 (MSDHL O'Reiley West - Finals Runner Up)

Andrew Paquette, Connor Murray, Emma Wallat, Ethan Messner (G), Jack Sylvain, Jared Steinberg, Lucas Debonville, Madison Lucontoni, Matthew Guzetta, Mattieux Tremblay (G), Parker Joyce, Parker Roberto, Porter Legro, Rene Morin, Ryan Cardow, Connor Labreque


Bedford Middle School Hockey Established 2 Winter teams

8th Grade - Record 6-5-1 Bucyk Division -

Bucyk Division Champions!

Chase Vaillancort, Bryan Ro, Justin Wiggins, Matt Giroux, Ethan Destefani, Connor Berry, Cam Bernard(G), Stewart Arend, John Valvo, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Tierney, Joey Silva, Jake Rioux, Nicholas Murray, Parker Guimond, Patrick Gatgely, Jason Bogacz, Jay Roberto, Parker Roberto, David Guimont(G), Jack Flanagan

6/7th Grade - Record 7-4-1 O'Reily West Division - 2nd place

Anders Lindberg(G), Brendon Courtney, Connor Laurendeau, Joey Sanclemente, Kyle Greer, Nathan Musgrave, Ryan Sledjeski, Sam Hebert, Zachary Bayer, Connor Murray, Jack Sylvain, Jacob Statires, Keenan Alnahas(G), Matty Mirable, Parker Joyce, Quinn Hutchins, Tim Spencer


O'Reily Division Champions!


Second year in the MSDHL program.


Established Bedford Middle School program and one Team

2009 - The First Bedford Middle School Team